Simple | Accelerated

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage technology to design, develop and deliver creative and simple solutions for our clients.  We believe that today’s property industry is changing rapidly and requires a different way of working.  From mobile to web to emerging platforms, making the most of the latest and greatest technology is vital to our clients’ success.

Our Story

Simplicitate [SIM-PLI-CI-TATE] Defn: Facilitating Simple 

Our founding partners Benjamin Vos and Benjamin Southall are experienced Property and Technology professionals that have joined forces to help our clients reduce cost and improve efficiency.  We believe that across all industries technology is changing everything and the Property industry is no exception.  While the sector has typically been slow to uptake new technologies we think it’s ready for a digital transformation.  From digitising traditional business processes to leveraging artificial intelligence and virtual reality we help facilitate digital transformation.

Our team is based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Positive Impact

Creating a positive impact is at the heart of everything we do.  Whether it’s improving our clients sustainability, reducing waste or delivering procurement projects that go beyond value for money; we strive to consider social objectives across all of our projects.  We feel that social value and public benefit are equally as important as creating cost savings.  Wherever possible we use technology to help our clients evaluate and improve their performance in a broader perspective and create greater business value.

Our team

Benjamin Vos

Business Director

Ben is a Property, FM & Procurement professional with 15 years’ operational experience and 6 years with a top tier consulting firm. An experienced management consultant recognised for consistently achieving outstanding results.

Ben Southall

Technology Director

Ben comes from a Computer Science background and has over 14 years experience developing software for a range of large companies, including Sky, Samsung, Exxon Mobil and Dyson. He has a strong passion for technology and strives to stay on the forefront of new innovations.

We have extensive experience working across both the public and private sector